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“Giving Thanks.” by Madge Scott

Last week at this time , the trees were covered by colorful leaves, today they are bare with a small collecting of snow on their naked branches, it’s storming outside. “….we are called to the bench to recollect ourselves and to listen to our inner coach, a new game plan….” words of a wise woman. (Sharon Deep)

We must join together, all over our world, for better conditions, genuinely helping to create better communities and environments, this is our purpose.

Our world will come into being if we lift ourselves from our perches. It’s time to use our tails to fan the flies which have gathered themselves, we must change ourselves as we emerge from our hiding places.

As we praise, worship and honor “The Creator”, it’s not only that. Let our love be active as we reach towards others. If it’s physycal or mental healing we need, let’s pray, encourage and embrace one another, to heal because love is the healing energy. As our Creator made our earth, what did He have in mind?

We were given a universe of wonders, He said it was “GOOD”and loved it, every bit of it! Then we were made in His image, He is our Father. Why then do we war, sit back to wonder who God is.Look out your widows, look up, look down, look around. Let’s be thankful, we have everything to be thankful for. Give of ourselves if there’s nothing else. LOVE. Happy Thanksgiving when it comes. ~Madge Scott.